Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hey Everyone!
Before I board the plane and travel 28 hours to the Philippines, i wanted to send you all a few samples of work i have been working on. While my website is in the works, I thought I'd upload downloadable mixtapes for everyone to download since i dont get to see you all that often. And when I come back, I will do my best to bring you a new mixtape more often.


Asia Tour Promo 08 (Unmastered) - DJ J-FRO

The "Asia Tour Promo" Mix, is a quick sample i recorded live and sent out to club promoters in the Philippines

J-Fro - Old School Demo.mp3 - DJ J-FRO

My Old School Demo was a quick mix i recorded live. It was a demo made for a wedding. The person who hired me was specific in what she wanted for music. She requested disco, funk, dance, classic house and a majority of 80's and 90's. I ended up pushing it to the last minute to make this mix. The day of, i was in my room mixing all day and lost track of time. and had less than an hour to submit it, which explains why all songs are cut short. The lady loved it and booked me right away. Unfortunetly, the couple broke up 2 months before the wedding. Even up to now, i still love this mix and i will continue on this one to make a full cd for everyone.


R&B Lounge - DJ J-FRO

Well, me personally, I like listening to mellow vibe r&b. Not too slow, but somethin with a nice sound. Anyways, this was made for various reasons. 1 - just to somethin to listen to. 2 - a restaurant asked me to make them a lounge type of cd to play in the restaurant. but that ended up changing to me programing a playlist for them. But i still think its a good chillout cd.

I hope you enjoy it all. I would add all the song listings to each mix but i got a plane to catch. i'll be back in 3 weeks and will be bringing out more mixtapes for all of you. Enjoy and Be Safe!