Friday, July 23, 2010


yesterday afternoon, my younger brother tells me to go to footlocker to pick up my belated b-day present. i get to footlocker and get the new release of the Air Max 90's Infared edition. pretty dope since i've been tryin to get these shoes for a while now. when they were releasing them in 2008, i actually waited in line infront of a sneaker store in Toronto (knowing they were very limited and probably had no chance of gettin them there) Big Shout out to my brother Mark for hookin up the Infareds.

also, heres another pic that just makes the shoes even more hotter, big shout out to Justene Jaro with the photoshoot on these kicks


For those that do know me; you know I'm a big Michael Jordan/Jordan Brand fanatic. From as far back as i can remember, I have always been wearing Jordan Brand clothing; from all the shoes, shirts, jackets, accessories, ANYTHING! So I was checkin out the new catalog of new jordan apparel comin out and shocked and happy to see the new Jordan DJ bag. I feel like Jordan has covered everything except for DJ's. and FINALLY, he came out with a bag JUST FOR DJS, so now I can rock all my DJ stuff properly LOL